Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Christensen-Extended Comments

After reading Kelsey's Blog, it helped me understand and grasp the reading much more. She starts by saying all she can think about is her god children watching these shows and with my son on the way it made me wonder what impressions these are going to have on him. No one really realizes how early children develop a sense of understanding for things even when they don't really understand them at all.

As a huge Disney fan, I've always seem to notice the small things in the movies that are brought up by this reading. It has always bothered me that the majority of the princesses are white. Or that they all have meaningless tasks throughout the whole film with no purpose while the prince runs around and is praised for nothing. As a feminist, my favorite part of Hercules was always;

While Meg is a woman in distress she knows she doesn't need a man's help which confuses Hercules beyond belief.

Kelsey also writes about how the movies show that in order to be happy, a woman must change herself in order for the prince to come. I couldn't disagree with this idea more. I've always felt and made it a point that I am the only person who controls my happiness. I will not allow anyone, let alone a man, to take happiness or any other emotion away from me.

While I still love these movies, and will continue to watch them only with a different sight in mind, I won't be the parent to not let my son see them because of the message it portrays. I will, however, not allow him to feel superior just because he is male. And I will most certainly not allow him to take away or control someone's emotion just because others do it on TV.

While these shows and movies do have an impact on a child's belief and ideas, I do believe it is the parents job to help them see the right in these wrongs.


  1. When i think Disney movies this is not one that typically comes to mind. However it works well here and I like that you didn't take the easy route that a lot of us did with the main movies like Cinderella.

  2. Same I feel the exact same way as Derek, because I took the approach on how cinderella is a disney character that every child takes as a role model and wants to be her. Where I feel like if we had more disney princess like pocohantas there would be more children who would admire them.